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Hi, my name is Bill Li. I live with my wife Rachel and our two children in Oakville, a beautiful town in the Greater Toronto Area. While we love our neighbourhood, it can be hard to connect with neighbours since everyone is busy and on different schedules. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so does it take connections to raise a neighbourhood. We want to assist neighbours to connect, share, and help each other. On January 1st, 2018, we launched GoNextDoor.ca as a social marketplace for neighbors to offer and request services from each other.

Our Vision: Turn neighbourhoods into villages

Our Mission: Provide neighbours a great social marketplace to connect, share, and help each other.

Below are some services which we hope will interest and even inspire you to join GoNextDoor.

Homemade Food Catering:

Food brings people together. Every family has a few special recipes passed down from generation to generation. By ordering food from your neighbors, you will get healthier, tastier, and specialty homemade food at reasonable cost close by. Unlike in a restaurant, you may get to know the interesting story, culture, and personal connections behind the food. Plus, you will have something to talk about the next time you run into your neighbors. As the cook, you can share the joy of a favorite recipe with your neighbors and get to know them better. You can prepare food whenever convenient. This is your chance to make some extra money doing something you enjoy while trying out your entrepreneurial skills without the headache of setting up a formal business.

Home Services:

Need someone to clean your house?  To organize the house? To fix a leaking sink? You don’t know who to trust. You may worry about the unexpected high cost. You may wish you are just as handy as your neighbor Dave. You may feel awkward to ask your neighbors.  Does he have the skills? Is she willing to help me? Is he available? How much should I pay her? We know your concerns because we have those concerns as well. Now with GoNextDoor you can easily see which neighbors can help, at what cost, their availability, ratings, and friendly reviews from other neighbors.

Cleaning, House Organization, Handyman Services, Landscaping, Pool Services, Snow Removal, Yard Maintenance, and others.

Rental Services:

If you need a long ladder, why spend hundreds of dollars and only use it once a year? why not rent from your neighbors at a fraction of the cost and save room in your garage for your car?

If you already have a long ladder, why not rent it out to recoup your cost and help others at same time?

Renting helps us save money, make money, and make better connections with your neighbors.

Art & Decoration Rental, Auto Rental & Carpooling, Dress Rental, Electronics Rental, Furniture Rental, Musical Instrument Rental, Sport Equipment Rental, Space Rental, Tool Rental, and others

Personal services:

Need to find a babysitter, someone to care for you child after school, someone to take care of elderly parents for a few days? Go Next Door! Connecting with neighbours helps you to find convenient and cost-effective solutions.

After School Care, Babysitting, Homemaking Services, Haircut, Massage, Personal Shopper, Personal Fitness trainer, and others.

Pet Services:

Need some help with your dog, cat, or guppies? Go Next Door!

Dog Training, Dog Walking, Pet Haircuts, Pet Boarding, Pet Sitting, Other Pet Services


Do you miss the idea of old town hall dances? When you can just show up and know that even if you go alone you’ll spend the night on the dance floor with people you know and have grown up with? Go Next Door!

Do you want to organize a street party to celebrate Canada Day? Do you want to invite your neigbours to a BBQ? Do you want to host a potluck? Go Next Door!

Do you need a DJ, magician, or a cake for an upcoming party? Go Next Door!

Party with the Neighbours, Birthday/Anniversary, DJ/MC/Musician, Event Planner, Magician, Photographer/Videographer/Portrait, Face Painting, Other Entertainment Services


It takes a village to raise a child. Need to find someone to teach your kids or yourself some useful skills and have fun with your neighbours? Go Next Door!

Art & Craft Lessons, Cooking Lessons, Gardening Lessons, Dance Lessons, Music Lessons, Fitness Lessons, Knitting and Sewing Lessons, Language Lessons, Sports Lessons, Tutoring, Other Lessons

Counselling Services

Are you struggling with anxiety, anger, depression, parenting, addiction, or grief? We all need some counselling from time to time. And some of us have gained much wisdom from our own life experiences and become self-taught experts. Looking for empathetic hearts and listening ears? Go Next Door

Dating Coach, Financial Counselling, Healthcare Counselling, Life Coach, Relationship Counselling, Special Needs Counselling, Teen Counselling, Other Counselling