Sign Up as A Service Provider

Before you sign up as a service provider, please make sure you already have a paypal account so you can use it to receive payments online. You can use the same account to sell your services and purchase services from others.
Below is the link to sign up a free Canadian paypal business account which is for both people and business.
Paypal is free and easy to setup. Millions of shoppers use Paypal.
GoNextDoor does not store nor handle any credit card details on our site. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners such as Paypal and Stripe hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!

Simply click on the “BE A SERVICE PROVIDER” tab on the top menu bar.
1. Sign up by using either your Facebook or Google+ account
2. Fill up your profile details. You need to provide a photo of yourself. Please only provide the first letter of your last name for better privacy.
3. Add your location (please do not provide street number for better privacy.)
4. Link with your Paypal/Stripe account (this is the account that you will receive your payments with)
5. Add or remove your delivery options and/or your preferred pick-up location
6. Click save

Congratulations, you are now a seller on GoNextDoor and can start uploading your first item.

You also need to have a picture of yourself to upload it to your profile. Otherwise, when you hit Next button, the registration process will not continue. It will highlight the empty picture. You need to click it and upload your photo.

Author: Bill Li

Hi, my name is Bill Li. I live with my wife Rachel and our two children in Oakville, a beautiful town in the Greater Toronto Area. While we love our neighbourhood, it can be hard to connect with neighbours since everyone is busy and on different schedules. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so does it take connections to raise a neighbourhood. We want to assist neighbours to connect, share, and help each other. On January 1st, 2018, we launched as a social marketplace for neighbors to offer and request services from each other.

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