How to Add a Listing

After successfully registering as a seller on the marketplace, the seller/service provider will be redirected to their portal where they can start uploading new listings onto the marketplace.

  1. Sellers can start uploading their listing by clicking the Add service from the header or click Your services and click Add listings on the left-hand side.




  1. Seller will then need to fill up the required fields about the listing they wish to upload. This typically includes; i) Selection of category and sub-category (if applicable), ii) name of item listing and iii) description of item listing, as well as the image for the item (across all marketplace templates).



  1. The seller can set the duration, and a price for that duration. The available units for duration are: ‘/minute’, ‘/hour(Unit)’, ‘/day’, ‘/week’, ‘/month’ as well as ‘Custom’, where sellers will be able to set their price duration for a specific number of minutes or hours. With minutes and hours, overnight booking is not allowed. For example, a booking from 11am – 1am next day will not be possible.  When booking a homemade meal, we use an hour as a sales unit. That’s why you see the expression hour(unit).


There will be a booking calendar that the seller can use to indicate their available timings/slots.




  1. After filling in all the necessary details, click Upload now or the Save button to upload the item/service listing onto the marketplace (depending on the marketplace)



5. Once you have completed your listing upload, you can choose to translate the listing page or do it later.



Author: Bill Li

Hi, my name is Bill Li. I live with my wife Rachel and our two children in Oakville, a beautiful town in the Greater Toronto Area. While we love our neighbourhood, it can be hard to connect with neighbours since everyone is busy and on different schedules. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so does it take connections to raise a neighbourhood. We want to assist neighbours to connect, share, and help each other. On January 1st, 2018, we launched as a social marketplace for neighbors to offer and request services from each other.

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